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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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black mark for pg&e. a security lapse in the south bay that is alarming local and federal officials. good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. pg&e vowed it could be safe, safe from terrorists, burglars and terrorists. burglars broke through a fence and stole construction equipment at the metcalf substation in south san jose today. its same station hit by a sniper last year. cheryl hurd is live in south san jose with reaction to what could be both embarrassing and really a dangerous situation too, cheryl. >> it could indeed. now the security breach didn't happen just once, it happened three times along this fence line in darkness. now the thieves making a large cut in the fence in three locations, and no one caught it, even though a security alarm went off. >> very preliminary in our investigation. we want to get to the bottom of exactly what happened. >> reporter: what happened was a major security breach early this morning at pg&e's metcalf
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substation in south san jose. burglars cut through the fence while security cameras were on. >> it appears that they entered the construction yard and stole some construction equipment. >> reporter: burglars stole two compacters workers used to fill holes after excavation. >> we have certain pieces of the puzzle, but we don't have the whole puzzle. what we want to do is recreate what happened. >> reporter: the details are crucial, because right now the metcalf station is undergoing upgrades to address security concerns triggered by the sniper attack last april. you're looking at surveillance video provided by pg&e. the attack destroyed 17 transformers and caused $15 million in damage. >> we're committed to spending $100 million over the next three years throughout our system. >> reporter: but is the electrical substation secure? this morning, burglars managed to cut three giant holes in the security fence surrounding the substation. pg&e says its preliminary reviews suggest human error as
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the cause of the security breach, even though the alarm went off. but was it human error? >> that's one element we're looking at. >> reporter: and after assurances of improved security at metcalf, this could be a possible embarrassing moment for pg&e. >> we certainly didn't want this situation to happen. we want to get to the bottom of it. and we take it very seriously. >> reporter: while we all know that this security breach may have involved thieves trying to get away with construction equipment. but america is on alert for a possible terror attack on our electrical grid. in south san jose, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, cheryl. now earlier this week, investigative reporter tony kovaleski uncovered mistakes by the santa clara county sheriff's office involving last year's sniper attack investigation at this very substation. you can watch his entire report online. go to click on the investigations tab. again,
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we want to show you new video tonight. firefighters rushing to the scene of a brushfire burning behind homes in north san jose. the flames actually made it up to a highway wall before firefighters got it under control. it started alonger if radarry highway near 808 and 87. you could see the flames from the runways at san jose airport. all the smoke and the evening commute even slower than usual. no word yet on the cause. firefighters also busy with a fife-alarm brushfire in vallejo tonight. the winds fueled the fire near the junctions of highway 37 and 29, pushing flames 20 feet into the air and dangerously close to a cluster of homes on sonora pass road. the firefighters say it looks like someone started the fire inside a homeless camp. we have new developments with the south napa earthquake. $300 million. that's the initial damage estimate from the city of napa. and that number is expected to go much higher. the $300 million does not include damage to public
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buildings and infrastructure like water supply lines. a city officials say there has never been this kind of earthquake damage in napa before. and our ground is still active. another unsettling day. take a look. more than 40 aftershocks in the napa area. the largest a magnitude 2.6. so who is going to pay for all the damage? there are dozens of people who might be out of luck, stuck with the cost of rebuilding there are also plenty of businesses who are feeling the pinch, even though they're open for business. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins us from downtown napa this evening. and terry, spreading the word here is crucial at this point. >> absolutely true. some business owners are saying there has been too much focus on the restoration of downtown napa, and not enough focus on the fact that many businesses are open, like downtown joe's across the street from me. three restaurants to the left of me here at second and main, and two restaurants to the right of me were open earlier tonight. it is a mixed bag, i'll give you that. tonight we saw some people who
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were cleaning up on what others were cleaning out. take a look at this. children carrying a mattress with a huge teddy bear on it, taking it from a dump site for items damaged by the earthquake. >> everybody is throwing their broken things away, you know. the rich's things are poor people's treasures. >> this unit fell on my lego board. this was lego city. >> reporter: it was a day of surprises in napa as larry got the official word. >> we found out this afternoon we're apparently living on a west napa fault. >> reporter: he now has to worry about living on a fault when he hasn't gotten over the last earthquake. >> so you're thinking, well, maybe, maybe tonight it's going to happen again. you hope it doesn't. but maybe. so that thought is in the back of your mind. >> reporter: just across the street from larry's house in the browns valley area of napa is a private development where the bridges are closed and damage is of course.
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what's not obvious is who will be paying for repairs. >> or is it going to be the homeowners and what not who has the insurance, the hoas in various areas of the city and the county. 10 we're just waiting to see that. and it's a concern for the neighborhood. it's not just ours, but citywide. ♪ >> reporter: at downtown restaurants, owners want the word to get out. downtown napa is alive and well and mostly open. >> a lot of places are open and not everything is closed. we're still having napa valley wine fun and good times. come on down. we're still going. >> reporter: you can see some people dancing the night away inside downtown joe's. interestingly enough, just across the street, the sidewalk off to the left of me blocked off repairs to this building. it's a dichotomy here in downtown napa. maybe a tourist attraction in and of itself. live in nap parks terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. the city is hoping that
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state and federal funds come soon. but it could be days and even weeks before the obama administration makes that decision. today congressman mike thompson says he expects help to arrive soon, though. >> at the federal level, we're working from day one. on sunday, fema had folks on the ground both in napa and in vallejo. they continue to be here. today they're out assessing the damages. >> now officials say it be tougher to assess losses after an earthquake than any over disaster, because damage is often hidden beneath a road or a building. valley money will soon be pouring in as well, despite the hit that napa wineries took to the vintner's association announced. it will donate $10 million for earthquake relief. as for local wineries, officials hope to have an estimate of their total losses by the end of the week. 110 wineries reporting some sort of damage. 90% of all wineries say they have lost some inventory, which ranges from a few bottles to a few dozen barrels. >> well, the wine and the
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property damage is extensive, but the loss of pets is gut-wrenching. one woman is still missing a big part of their family this evening. casey meyers says she woke up during the earthquake and realized her dog chance was missing. they've gone door to door and put to social media. >> maybe before it happened he might have sensed what was coming and just took off. >> the napa county animal shelter says several dogs have been reunited with their owners thus far. and the best thing you can do is have your dog or pet microchipped. we inveto you to go to our website, for complete coverage of the earthquake. there you can find an interactive map showing red tagged homes, and debris drop-off sites. break-ins and bludgeons both part of a crime spree police say was carried out by two teens skipping school. the burglaries happening in several homes in almaden valley, including one where police say
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one teen beat a dog to death with a golf club. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in south san jose with more for us. jean? >> reporter: jessica, those students should have been here at leland high school yesterday. but instead police say they were out in the neighborhood, breaking into homes. and one homeowner came home to find an open door and a severely beaten dog. >> sparky was a really sweet dog that we got at the humane society. probably about seven years ago. he was 11 years old. and just a gentle, gentle dog. we called him little gentle man. >> reporter: eric mckenzie and his 'nam said goodbye to sparky last night. that's when they found their two other dogs locked out and sparky upstair, badly beaten. >> my daughter unfortunately found him upstairs. he was laying on his side, whimpering and pretty much unresponsive. >> reporter: san jose police say two teenaged boys in this surveillance video broke into the mckenzie's house tuesday. we're blurring their faces because they're juveniles.
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investigators say one of the boys beat sparky with a golf club. but leland high school students didn't steal anything from the home. the mckenzies are stunned by the violence. >> you know, without sparky around, you know, there will be definitely a hole in our house. he was a member of the family. and so we're really -- we're sad. >> reporter: police say the 13 and 14-year-old boys broke into at least four homes in the neighborhood around leland high yesterday. >> they jumped the fence. >> reporter: paul zimmerman caught the students on camera at his house around 12:30. he and his wife are relieved the boys left their pets alone. >> i'm thankful they didn't hurt my little yorkshire terriers. but i'm sad they did hurt the one people's dog. >> reporter: another managed to interrupt the teens and hold them until police arrived to take them to juvenile hall. mckenzie is hoping they get some help. >> i would certainly hope that the parents could somehow try to help them to be better people.
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you worry that this is going to be something that is going to become worse as they get older. >> reporter: tonight both teens are facing burglary charges, and one of them is facing an animal cruelty charge. reporting live in san jose, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a redwood city man is behind bars tonight. he is accused of beating up two men. officer says there is evidence that it may be a hate crime. and it happened in one of the most exclusive and popular spots on the peninsula. we're talking about downtown palo alto. officers say it all started saturday night in a parking lot on emerson street. now there are still signs today of a fight in a parking lot stairwell. officers say shane patrick collins jumped two men and was yelling racial slurs when he kept kicking one of the victims, who was black. >> it was very evident to us that not only was this an assault with a deadly weapon, but that there should be a hate crime enhance 789 to it. >> officers will wrap up their investigation and send to it the dolphins who will then decide on the final charges.
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>> you can gun proof your kids orchid proof your guns. one is going to work. the other one won't. >> a national debate over children and guns after a deadly accident at a firing range. and keeping young soccer players safe. local parents filing a lawsuit as they try to change the way the game is played. plus a holiday hassle for drivers. the major freeway closure set for tomorrow afternoon. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. clear skies across san jose, with that fog also beginning to roll right back into san francisco. we'll talk more about the fog and its impact on your thursday morning commute in just a few minutes.
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there is no right answer, only shock. an accidental shooting death has set off a powerful debate over kids and guns. this video shows a shooting range instructor in arizona in the middle of his lesson with a 9-year-old girl. it happened on monday. she lost control when she fired an uzi submachine gun. at least one bullet hit her instructor in the head. now people on both sides of the gun control issue are talking about how this death could have been avoided. >> because kids turn into adults. if you don't train them at an early age, they're not going to respect it. they're not going to be safe around it. >> now the age policy at this gun range is now under review at the shooting range in castro valley, the minimum age to shoot 18. kids under 6 are not allowed at the livermore pleasanton rod and gun club. in san jose, kids under 12 need to be supervised by an adult at the santa clara valley rifle club. more details now.
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2008, an 8-year-old boy shot himself in the head with an uzi at a massachusetts gun show. the shooting death prompted the state of connecticut to adopt a law banning anyone under 16 from handling machine guns at shooting ranges. well, new tonight at 11:00, taking on headers, head-on. concern over concussions in youth soccer has moved off the field and is headed into a courtroom. a new lawsuit filed in san francisco would require soccer clubs and organizations to do a better job protecting players. nbc bay area's ian cull has more on the debate. >> reporter: soccer fields around the country are filling up as players prepare for the upcoming season. tonight the almaden football club was doing just that with a jamboree. >> it's turning out to be a pretty rough sport. >> reporter: while the players are working on footwork and team chemistry, a group of parents in san francisco voiced concerns about their safety today. they filed a class action lawsuit against the sport's
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governing body fifa. it claims they have been negligent in monitoring head injuries. it asks for rule changes at all levels like limiting the amount of headers for kids under 17. >> it's important to have the player, coaches, parents are all educated in regard to concussion. >> reporter: david is a coach with almaden fc. he says all the club's players are taught proper heading technique. >> in certain situations when you're going up to win a header, this is youth soccer. this is not the world cup. make the right judgment. >> reporter: the suit also asks for advanced leagues that only allow three substitutions per game, a temporary fourth sub if a player needs to be examined for a head injury. >> i'm a nurse. i know exactly the damage that it can do if you continue playing or don't take care of yourself, if you reinjure yourself. i'm all for it. >> i definitely think that there should be more rules. >> reporter: he is a goalie and sometimes worries about the dang others telephone position. >> if he did get more than one head injury, to have some rules
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in play of maybe subbing him out, or, you know, maybe requiring headgear for goalies. >> reporter: parents, hoping by next season more will be done to protect their kids. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> also, new at 11:00, major banks hacked. jpmorgan chase and at least four other financial institutions are victims of cyberattacks. fbi investigators say sensitive data, including account information was stolen. they believe the russian hackers are behind these attacks, and the attack is possibly retaliation for u.s. sanctions aimed at russia. the secret service is also investigating. a green light for uber and lyft. state lawmakers have reached an agreement on how much insurance and what kind of coverage drivers need to carry. this has been the big issue. lyft and uber originally fought the bill but dropped the opposition after several changes. the deal is expected to pass the legislature this week. if approved by the governor, it
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takes effect next july. safety upgrades will shut down freeway for part of the weekend. the northbound lanes of interstate 280 at the 101-280 interchange into downtown san francisco. it starts at 2:00 tomorrow. northbound traffic on 280 will be detoured on to highway 101. the closure will allow crews to replace two bridge hinges. part of a seismic upgrade that was started on memorial day. they plan to reopen by 5:00 the day after labor day. southbound 280 will remain open during the closure. the giants at at&t park through the weekend. plan ahead if you're heading towards that part of the bay area. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is with us, talking about labor day forecast. >> we have great weather coming ahead. three-day weekend for a lot of you. you can see in san jose, no problems at all at the airport here. downtown, excellent visibility. if you have a flight leaving for tomorrow morning, looks a-okay. the main difference we're seeing
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right now at 11:18 is the fact that, yes, in san francisco, that fog has started to return. it's not extremely thick, but just a little bit of cloud cover may slow down your commute for tomorrow. so let's get a look at that forecast as we head throughout thursday. the weekend is almost here. and you're going to be able to see the areas impacted the most by that cloud cover. i really think it's going to be the east bay. we're already starting to see a few areas of overcast mover. in also, of course, san francisco. a foggy start for us. and the north bay expecting those low clouds ats we. i think all of those areas should start to see the sun break out by the 10:00 hour. and mainly, sunny skies there as we head throughout 11:00 in the morning. not a bad start for the south bay. 61 and also mainly clear. let's take you inside the microclimate forecast as we head throughout thursday. it's going to be sunnier. it's going to be hotter. so after the cloud cover, the payoff is an awesome day coming our way. san jose, 87 degrees. a lot hotter away from that bay breeze. pretty typical, 95 degrees
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expected in morgan hill. we'll even get some sunshine along the coastline of pacifica with 69. palo alto, 86. and with three to maybe five hours of sunny skies expected in san francisco throughout the afternoon hours, that should push up the marina to 71. we'll take you the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. napa popping up to 93 degrees tomorrow. the tri-valley will be the hottest widespread areas here. pleasanton 96. also livermore expecting 95. now it is great weather extending through the labor day weekend. we're continuing to stress the fact that tropical storm marie, which is going to stay out here in the pacific, will still churn up our waves. we're looking at waves that could top 4 to 7 feet. and it's going to be dangerous. not only for the experienced swimmer, but also for boaters. that's where it's going to be most hazardous. 5 to 20 miles offshore. waves could top 10 feet.
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watch out for the potential deadly rip currents that you can't even see with the naked eye out there. on the south bay, you can see the trend over labor day weekend begins to cool by sunday and also monday. a great weekend coming our way with low 80s for the peninsula. temperatures slightly above average. and check it out in san francisco. we'll likely stay in the 70s all the way through monday's forecast. >> that sounds good, doesn't it? >> it sounds good to me. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, when apple's i watch could be unveiled. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, chris rock is here. the roots are here. and the roots, we're on next, everybody.
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apple's smart watch may be coming sooner than expected. new rumors are that the iwatch may be unveiled on september 9th along with the iphone 6. the i watch could be on store shelves by october. and sell for around $350.
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today stock in the cupertino tech giant reached a new high. now samsung has already released its smart watch. that works with android phones. tracking your every tweet. a new tool gives users a new way to obsess over their twitter interactions. today the san francisco-based company made its analytics dashboard available to the public. before only advertisers and verified users could access that. the data shows users how much exposure and engagement is behind every message. expert says the dashboard works best for politician, celebrities, and anyone who is trying to reach a large group of people. up next, pretty magical at at&t park. it was all about buster. stay with us.
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good evening. geraud moncure in the comcast sportsnet studios. coming into tonight's game, giants had a six series remaining against teams with losing records, counting this one. their series had to be won if the orange and black were going to at least win a wild card spot in the national league. with the 2-1 lead in the ninth against the rockies, the g-men three out away from a tie in this set. the lead-off man, and then surrenders this game-tying double to justin morneau,
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chasing home drew stubbs, tying the game at 2-2. however, the giants refused to go away in the bottom half. >> high drive. left field, it is out of here! >> buster posey the hero again. his two-run bomb off juan acacio. the walk-off runner 4-2 the final. rubber games between the astros and a's at minute maid park. tied at three. turning into super sam against chad qualls. deep to right and gone. two out, two-run shot. a's lead 5-3. bottom five, eric oh familiarity. two down, the line drive. snag by andy perino. a's win, 5-4. big mac and company hitting the greens at harding park for the great cause, the willie mccovey golf classic taking place today, benefitting the giants community fund. former giants greats lend agonize shot or two supporting the junior giant.
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>> this is my fourth-time playing in the willie mccovey tournament. and they've all been here at harding park. it's been a lot of fun. it's for a great cause. the junior giants and the giants community fund. and i'll definitely support anything that willie mccovey does. >> it's a great course. they kept it up nice. it's a great turnout by the guys that played and supported it. any time you come out is a good thing. on the eve of the college football season, a big pac-12 story breaks off the field. u.s. senior corner josh shaw today admitted he lied about an injury that occurred over the weekend. shaw claimed he sprained both ankles jumping off a second store balcony to save his nephew from drowning. today the story was a fabrication. head coach sarkisian issued a statement we are extremely disappointed in josh. he let us all down. have i said nothing in his background led us to doubt him when he told us of his injuries, nor did anything after our initial vetting of this story.
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shaw has been suspended indefinitely from all team activities, and usc did not specify in the statement the actual cause of the injury. more news coming up after the break.
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smarter than your average animal. a giant panda is suspected of faking being pregnant in order to get more treats.
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zookeepers say al hin was showing signs of pregnancy in july. but after several tests it was discovered she is not pregnant at all. this is video of the panda in her closure in china. the pandas understand that being pregnant means more food, treats, and around the clock care. giant pandas are notoriously reluctant to breed in captivity, and patiently fake pregnancies are common. they also mean they know if you fake a pregnancy, you don't have to exercise or clean your enclosure. >> oh my god, that's got to be the best story of 2014. >> thanks for joining us. have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris rock, governor chris christie, musical guest kacey musgraves,


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